a. Requirement Analysis

The importance of establishing and using different IT systems has become more and more evident to the economic operators. However, it is important to see that how establishing a system would increase the company’s burdens, how the introduced system would integrate into the existing structure, and how the employees would accept it. The systems established by our company are maximize the adaptation to our costumers’ existing operations. Our experts introduce and explain the basis and the usage of the new system to the company’s employees concerned. Our principle is that a management system cannot prevent the operation of the company, but, as the primary tool of the management, it should improve manager control, facilitate development and generate results able to express in figures.

b. System Design

Preparing a comprehensive and feasible system plan based on the task is a key to a successful system design project. A good system design contains every level of the application:

  • data model, database plan,

  • integration points, dataflow,

  • backend functions and processes,

  • administrative tools,

  • functional design of the user interface.


System design identifies the different risks and sets out the method for minimizing them from the clarification of needs, through development, to operation. A well-prepared system design defines the task to be performed, and forms a basis for tests and tracking changes.

c. Feasibility Study, R&D

In case of risky project, where the method of implementation is not clear and new solutions are required instead of “well-worn paths”, a feasibility study precedes the project. In the feasibility studies, we examine all the relevant technologies, hardware and software solutions, theoretical fundamentals and software development paradigms which can help to implement the task. In these cases, even prototypes can be prepared.

d. System Integration

IT systems has become so complicated and complex that usually not only one contractor delivers the solution to the customer. Establishing and integrating the connection among the system components is required (system integration). Our company provides solutions for establishing IT infrastructures to even complex IT systems, refining system softwares from different manufacturers, and setting up an optimal operating environment.