Acquisition, maintenance and operation of a car fleet impose considerable costs, but extra costs of an inadequate management can increase more the expenses. More and more company decide to take the fleet management into their own hands. Currently, however, a tailor-made tool for companies, which can be integrated with the existing systems easily and simply, is difficult to find in the market. Our fleet management solution offers

  • work-flow based approach,

  • easy, user-friendly usage,

  • multilevel user permission system (with dedicated and separated roles),

  • developed document management,

  • deadline monitoring,

  • automatized notifications (by the greatest extent possible) and

  • report generating

to manage cost-effectively the fleets ranging in size from a few to a few hundred cars.


In the system developed by our partners, sensors installed at the parking spaces provide information to the operator, and via mobile application and digital data screens, also to the drivers. Our provided service includes from analysis of requirements, through implementing specific needs, to the integration and test of the solution into the system.